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Post a website, Yahoo group or other connection address here for your class. Send us your information and Link Up! We will post them on the page as soon as we can. You can find reunion information here.

Raymond W. Clanton, class of 1941 (Summer)

Ernest E. Tissot, class of 1945 (Summer)

Robert E. Feuer, class of 1946

Larry Goodman, class of 1949

Carter Swart, class of 1952 (Winter)

Theodore Clarke, class of 1952 (Summer)

Bill Carling, class of 1952

Class of 1954

Class of 1955

Ken Bondy, class of 1957

Leah Vasquez, class of 1957

Michael Grace, class of 1958

William Smith, class of 1958

Estelle Winner Friedman, class of 1958

Stephen Breitstein, class of 1960

Joan Diamond, class of 1960

Lynda (Ross) Levy MFT, class of 1960 (Winter)

Al Zimmerman, class of 1960

Jim Hopperstad, class of 1961

Susie Stockholm, class of 1961

Class of 1967

Rick Goldstein, class of 1967

Class of 1970 (Facebook page, registration required)

Class of 1972 (Facebook page, registration required)

Jack McCalla, class of 1972

Tom Nolen, class of 1972

Karen Quest (Rothstein), class of 1972

Class of 1973

Joanne Mastopietro, class of 1973

Gerald Piro, class of 1976

Class of 1981

Oliver Benjamin, class of 1985

Mark Lewis, class of 1987

Hector Alfaro, class of 1988

Tracy Morgan, class of 1991

Simon Daoudi, class of 1997

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