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NHHS Grads Who Have Made A Difference

Susan Sontag – 1933 to 2004

We begin another new feature of our website, with the story of Susan Sontag, one of America’s foremost essayists and writers. who passed away on Dec. 28, 2004 at the age of 71. Sontag, pictured here as shown at her personal website, graduated from North Hollywood High School at 16. Sontag wrote for the school newspaper among other activities. Upon her death from cancer, a disease she both wrote about in detail and actively fought to defeat. That story alone might be enough to highlight Sontag’s contributions to society as she became a person in the public eye who was unwilling to go quietly into the night, and thereby gave courage to others in a similar situation. To find out more about this controversial and accomplished alumnus, please check out the links attached here. We’ve selected four out of hundreds starting with Sontag’s official website, then her listing in Wikipedia followed by a few of the countless obituary notices at her passing. Please note, the NY Times obituary requires that you register online, but the service is FREE and opens up the NY Times online edition to you on a daily basis. Sontag’s website also contains many video links to TV appearances on such award winning programs as The News Hour on PBS.

New York Times review

Los Angeles Times Obituary story

Holiday greetings from the Sontag project (2012)

NEW Stories on NHHS Huskies Who Have Made an Impact will be forthcoming. Please send us any ideas for future consideration including any interactive links.