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Now more than ever, Philanthropic funding is essential to sustain a good education. The reasons for making a gift of your time, talent, or monies are personal and varied. Perhaps you are grateful for your NHHS experience and would like to share that with others. Maybe you have a passion for science and would like to give a boost to the science department with cutting-edge technology. Perhaps you'd like to lend a hand to a very deserving young man or woman gifted in speech to help them achieve their goal of a higher education.

Maybe you have more time on your hands now, and you'd like to develop architectural plans for a new library or enhance campus landscaping to enrich the NHHS experience. Whatever your motivation, you'll find as many ways to make a difference as there are priorities, educational needs, and resources available.

Alumni and friends CAN make an impact on all aspects of life at NHHS. From the alumni association alone, academic scholarships given so far this year have totaled over $15,000.00. Girls sports $5,000.00, the boys $15,000.00, and the band $175.00. So, as you can see, a gift given in any amount will certainly have a very big impact on all departments. The alumni association has raised over $100,000.00 and received approval from the Board in December to set up a scholarship trust. With your help, we will continue to afford the children of our alma matter the best possible education available.