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1. Fill out the short registration form below

2. Check your email for a CONFIRMATION EMAIL from This confirmation expires within 7 days. If you can’t get to it in that time, then just start over with the registration form.

3. Next, Click on the link (the URL address) you are directed to inside the CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

4. Once you’ve received confirmation that you are now registered, then LOGIN using your User Name and Password. You will not be able to login at the site unless you complete step #3.

If you DO NOT have a computer, you can still get registered on this site and enjoy all of the benefits of the Home page & associated Web pages including Pay Pal for dues payment. And you will have access to Newsletters, Connect with Friends and all other items of interest. Just follow the instructions below

Step # 1 Ask a member of your family or a good friend who has a computer to establish a VALID e-mail address for you. This is a simple feature most Internet Service Providers offer when additional e-mail addresses are needed. Or you can create a FREE e-mail address with either Yahoo!Mail or Hotmail. See more information below.

Step # 2 Then, have them register you on the Alumni Association Website After you are registered, set up a 3 ring binder indexed for filing all the web pages. Download & print all the web pages and other associated information in "LANDSCAPE" format. On a regular basis they can review & update when there has been a change to the site. Enjoy!!

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Can't login once you are registered?

Registering is a TWO STEP process:
1. First you fill out the registration form above.
2. Then you check your email for a note from the association asking you to CONFIRM that your registered. This second step is done to prevent outsiders, and those who would try to corrupt our data, from registering.

Be sure to write down your login name and password for future reference? (You'd be amazed at how many people don't do this, sigh. So please pardon the question).
If you SEARCH for your name, and don't see it, this means we didn't receive your confirmation email when you first registered. Therefore, you'll need to register again, see above.

Need to create a 'FREE' e-mail address?

Decide which one you want, first, either Yahoo!Mail or Hotmail (there are others, but these are the biggest).

In Yahoo!Mail, there is a button to 'Sign Up Now'... click that button and select the FREE option on the next page. Fill out all the information on the following page and press the 'I Agree' button. You will be all registered. You would then use your Web browser to check this e-mail account. There will be directions on how to do that once you sign up.

Signing up for Hotmail is very similar.