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Front Page Art Work
Who's who on the front page (IDs are from left to right)

Michael Tilson Thomas '62 (NOW); Sisters 1930 (VINTAGE); At 40th reunion of Class of 1962: Malcom Leo '61, Marilyn (Thompson) Stoll '62, Elaine (Shows) Kelley '62 and Steve Papazian '62 (NOW); Peggy (Butterworth) Zweig, class of 1978 (NOW); and, Jan Crawford '62 and Susie Stockholm '61 (VINTAGE).

Bill Baldwin, Jr. '62 with Lionel Hampton (VINTAGE); Scott Loring '62, Claudia Chiaperotti '62 & exchange student from Italy and Linda (Weigert) Murphy at Class of 1962 40th Reunion (NOW); Barbara (Shuken) Levine '61 (NOW); Andrea (Kirk) Mann '62 at 40th Reunion (NOW); and, Marina Bryant '62 during 1968 tour with the USO in Vietnam (VINTAGE).

Susie Stockholm '61 for 40th class reunion (NOW); Jim Gordon (who later played with Joe Cocker among others) '63, Ellis (Buddy) Craig '62, Fred Selden '62, Stan Seele '63 and Marina Bryant '62 (VINTAGE); Meredith Bernhardt '62 (VINTAGE); and, Jay Woodruff '62 (NOW).

Dick Holmes '55 (VINTAGE): Richard (Duke) Anderson '43 (VINTAGE): Girl's Tennis Team '50's (VINTAGE); Eunice Kim '04 (NOW) NHHS Front '41 (VINTAGE): Francisco Menendez '74 (NOW)

Westmore Family: Wendy '70, Terry '74, Missy '71, Carla (Princi) & Monte '73 (NOW); 50's Collage (VINTAGE); Dotty (Heebner ) Patrick '60 (NOW): Tom Smith '61, John Huff '62 & Primrose the Dog, Carla-VNH, Gary Dordigan '61-Deceased (VINTAGE): Drill Team '50 (VINTAGE)

Tidwell's - local hangout '40's/50's (VINTAGE): Girl's P.E. '50 (VINTAGE); Girl's Archery 1941; and (Top L-R) Marina Bryant '62 & Judy Karp '61 and (Kneeling L-R) Bill Mork '63 & Reece Lewis '62 (VINTAGE)