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The key question from 1964's classic film, "Dr. Strangelove" re the doomsday device - "The whole point of a device like this is to make it public! Why did you keep it a secret?"-- kind of applies to us here. What good is a fully functioning website for North Hollywood High Alumni if we keep it a secret? And that's where you come in. Just use the form below to Spread the Word to classmates and fellow Huskies about our existence. The faster we connect with NHHS grads, the quicker the database will grow along with the amount of funds from new dues / donations available for scholarships and special programs. So, please Spread The Word NOW to as many friends as you can think of; unless, of course you'd rather wait for someone else to "tell the world". And we promise, no Cobalt Thorium G with a half-life of 93 years was used the construction of the NHHS Alumni Association website.

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